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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  February 10, 2011 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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this is clearly not the news anti-government demonstrators wanted to cheer. tens of thousands of egyptians pact cairo's main square expecting to hear mubarak announced that he's stepping down, but that is not what they heard. >> he gave president -- of power to the vice-president. >> earlier, president obama said he was following the developments and pledged the u.s. will do all it can to support an orderly and genuine transition to democracy. >> what is absolutely clear is that we are witnessing history unfold. it is a moment of transformation that is taking place because the fuel of egypt are calling for change. >> the military announced on state tv that it has stepped in to secure the country and
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promised protesters that their demands will be met. in washington, the cia director told the house intelligence committee the developments in egypt will have a tremendous impact. >> if it is done right, it will help us a great deal in trying to promote stability in that part of the world. if it happens wrong, it could create serious problems for us and for the rest of the world. >> president obama watch mubarak's speech aboard air force one and called for a security meeting at the white house. >> thousands of you received our breaking e-mail alert this afternoon telling you of the live video of president mubarak's speech. but if you missed it, you can watch it on line and share local reaction on >> we have breaking news to tell you about in an apparent hazmat situation in north baltimore.
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captain roy taylor is in the air. >> this is the pepsi bottling plant on union avenue near hamden where employees had to evacuate due to a hazardous materials spill. when crews arrived, they discovered about a gallon of some type of asset. there in the process of neutralizing it with some type of soda ash. so far, no injuries. >> in our session 2011 coverage, another change of heart in annapolis when it comes to teen sex marriage in the state. a senator changed his mind announcing he is now in favor of the legislation. gregg's a stumbling block for marriage is my stumbling block. -- >> a stumbling block for marriage is my stumbling block. i live among gay people. there are gay people at the polls i go to.
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hundreds of my constituents, and they deserve the same rights as everyone else. i'm going to vote for them to have the same rights. i will not be part of the vilification of gays on the senate floor. >> this which now gives supporters 21 of the 24 votes needed for passage. that is not the only hot button issue in annapolis today. the death penalty opponents introduce legislation to repeal the law. >> this is very interesting timing because the secretary of public safety and corrections issued a moratorium on the death penalty until new rules can be rewritten. and it comes on the day that opponents unveil their plans to abolish it. the death penalty cannot be carried out in maryland until rules regarding lethal injections are be written by the state department of safety and corrections. one of the drugs is no longer
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available in the u.s.. the company that makes it stopped production at the request of the italian government. sodium pentothal is made in italy. >> they will have to come up with another drug or something else to do. >> experts say switching to another drug will take time and could lead to lawsuits from inmates demanding that it does not cause suffering. the >> on the same day maryland's protocols became obsolete, penalty opponents introduced legislation to oppose it. >> we kill people to show that killing people is wrong. i think that is the wrong message to send. it does not work. it does not deter. it is racially discriminatory. >> the general assembly stopped short of repealing the death penalty in 2009. it tightened evidence standards in capital cases. one senator who helped craft the
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bill says there is no reason to revisit the issue. >> we have a death penalty law on the books for the most heinous crimes, but only where there is the best evidence available. that was the compromise. >> opponents want to start the build process on the outside, in part because of those in the senate that would hurt the bill. supporters are hoping the huge number of co-sponsors will help persuade colleagues. >> but i think this year, there are no more excuses. it is not an election year. we need to do the right thing. >> no timetable yet on when the new rules would be written and there is no hearing date set yet on the repeal bill. >> last year, state lawmakers banned the chemical bpa from six teacups and baby bottles and now they want to go further. it has been linked to deaths in young children.
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george continues our coverage. >> there is a house bill and a senate bill, both with the same goal, to ban a controversial chemical from food containers. >> jennifer of croft in brought her little ones to the state house to convince lawmakers to end a big concern for her family. >> it is hard enough to feed your kids and learn how to care for them without wondering if there are toxins hidden in the plastic that i do not know about. >> she testified in favor of the senate bill that would ban the chemical bpa from baby food formula containers sold in maryland. last year, the assembly and b.t.a. from a baby bottles and pippy cups. >> low doses over a long time frames causes brain tumors, leukemias. >> the fda is dragging their
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feet. we have the opportunity in maryland to protect the children now and we need to take that opportunity. >> the makers of the containers like this -- like these say the evidence is inconclusive and has been used for decades in the u.s. the concern is that the time it would take to remake and reed distributed -- and redistribute the containers would make in it -- would make customers go elsewhere. >> they would go into other states and by the same product that is considered illegal here because of the container. >> there is a difference of the price tag over this potential new law. manufacturers say it will cost them more and that will be passed on to customers. but supporters of the bill say there are cheaper alternatives out there. >> george, thank you.
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vacant houses remain a big problem in baltimore city. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is looking for ways to bring people back. today, she put her program on the fastrac. loh melzer was there and joins us live from city hall with more. >> the mayor's office tells us that interest in this program was so strong that they had to move today's summit, which was scheduled to be at morgan state university, over to the baltimore city convention center. the mayor is hoping that this will not only reduce the blight, but help generate new tax dollars and bring residents into the city. it is no secret that some neighbors of -- neighborhood in baltimore continue to suffer from blight. currently, there are more than 16,000 vacant buildings, more than one-third are owned by the city. a recent census showed a drop in the city's population and it does not show a barre -- paint a
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very good picture. it is something the lira was aware of at the -- the mayor was aware of at the convention center thursday morning. >> it is just too important. i know that while that is a snapshot, it is not the end. >> the bacons 2 value program began in november of 2010, a plan to spur growth, streamline the tax incentives for investors to buy and live in these areas. people like marcello rutherford, a small-time contractor, are interested. >> it gave me the opportunity to see what they're really trying to do. then it gave you people that you can touch. this is the first time that i can honestly say they seem to be making a big effort to try to
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help build the city. >> the mayor's office feels that the city's vacant buildings that its own, if they are sold and rehabed, they can bring more to the city. others feel that the plan could really take off. the >> prior to this program, it was pretty difficult. if they stick to what they're going to say, it will be a lot easier. >> you are optimistic. it strikes a very. >> and to learn more about the program as well as special tax incentives, go to our website, just click on "project economy." >> thank you. jayne miller weighs in on the city's big housing problem in a new blog, where she says a smaller city does not need new housing. go to our website and
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click on the "i-team." >> the iphone is officially hitting verizon stores. >> michelle obama has been very active trying to get the nation's children active. we will go to our washington bureau with a one-on-one -- for a one-on-one with the first lady. >> they are afraid they're going to taken away again. >> this mother was speaking out for her son who was sent to the psych ward. why she said the school overreacted. >> there is a warmup in the forecast to talk about. the
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>> this week marks the one year and a live -- anniversary of the first lady's "let's move" initiative. it is a campaign she takes very personally. she sat down with nicole pavillion for this one-on-one interview. >> first lady michelle obama sat down with us to talk about the direction her "let's move" campaign has taken in the last year. >> we began to shift in the conversation about how we eat,
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how we get and for our food, how we move, and we were not having these conversations a couple of years ago. >> but now she is leading the dialogue, marking a year of accomplishments to fight obesity in kids that all began with a few seeds. >> planting the white house garden has been and it -- a significant accomplishment. it is something that we did not know we could do. we did not know if the kids would connect with that experience. >> what else is you proud of? assembling a coalition of companies like wal-mart who pledged to make foods help year and more affordable. and she helped with a bill that congress just passed to make school lunches more healthy. >> it will fundamentally change the nutrition standards in schools. this is something that had not happening generations. >> and it is something that she hopes will not be sacrificed. >> one thing my husband said in the state of the union address
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is that, while we have to continue to make cuts for our future, things like the health of our kids is something that we cannot screen upon. >> she hopes to expand her help -- her coalition and plans to expand access to help the food in underserved areas. >> to see the first lady's entire interview and for more on the "let's move" campaign, go to, just click on video. medical alert, a new study finds that despite good intentions, that diet drinks could put you at an increased risk for obesity and heart disease. many drink diet soda to cut their sugar intake. but those who found -- but a research study found that those who drink diet sodas every day have a higher risk of
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cardiovascular problems. researchers were careful to say that this does not prove that diet soft drinks lead to heart disease. new research with spina bifida has gone so well that doctors have now called off the trial. the results were so good, doctors say that they want to give all babies with this defect a chance to benefit doctors could detected during pregnancy, but until recently could not do anything about it until after the baby was born. >> this has been a relatively neglected disease. people felt there's nothing that could be done. >> there is a way to lower the risk your child will have split -- spina bifida, by having plenty of folic acid in your diet or taking a supplement. doctors may have found a way to take the sting out of shots. the researchers from the university of toronto as a warning shots to body temperature can reduce the amount of pain. -- say warning shots to body
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temperature can reduce the amount of pain. more studies are needed, but making this very small change could make a very big difference to patients. does the cold weather mean there could be a baby boom toward the fall? as the snow piles around the country, many couples are finding comfort and warmth in each other's arms. catastrophe baby boomers are for the most part media myths, but the evidence keeps piling up. >> if we see a bunch of pregnant ladies, we will trace it back and say, it was there something going on? and they will say, that might have been when it happened. >> many local hospitals recorded an uptick in bert's nine months after last year's back-to-back blizzards. -- in births nine months after last year's back-to-back blizzards.
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>> those pictures are certainly memorable, for sure. that was one memorable week last year. a whole winter worth of it, really, but two in in one week really put the capstone on it. the second one did come through on the ninth and 10th of february 2010. some areas might have had even more than that. it ended up with 15.5 inches coming down on the 10th of february. it ended up being the ninth snowiest single storm on record in baltimore. by the time it was done, 34 inches of snow measured on the ground at b.w.i. marshall. it was a very cold and snowy week across the region. we only have a trace from a system that moved through last night. 32 degrees at b.w.i. marshall after a morning louis -- morning low of 23. seven below zero is the record low in one of the all-time
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coldest arctic outbreaks to ever hit our region back in 1899. 27 in westminster, 28 in february -- in fredericksburg. 29 in stevensville. only in the teens around frost bird and oakland at this hour. -- around frostburg and oakland at this hour. you can see the insta-weather plus satellite and that will let temperatures dropped into the single digits around the area. 18 or so at the inner harbor and downtown baltimore. temperatures will slow the warm up as we head through the weekend. 50 by sunday. mid to upper 50's possible next week. >> heading out to captain roy taylor in the air.
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an accident on i-95. what is the situation? >> southbound i-95 as you get to 195, two vehicles in a personal injury crash. 95 his way to have to take a detour because the ramp has been shut down. traffic is backed up from here all the way to the other side of the beltway. >> thank you. lindsay lohan posted bail on a felony theft charge, but not before a stern warning from the judge. >> plus, several people are unaccounted for after a massive explosion in pennsylvania. what caused the blast, plus, a vote at the damage suit -- plus, a look at the damage left behind. >> + -- and a new york senator resigned after comments he made to a woman were made public. >
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after a suggested photo he sent to a woman on line. >> the news spread on line mike fark -- wildfire. -- on line like wild fire. >> a bare chested photos and to a woman who posted a personal ad on gregg's this. congressman chris lee said he was a single washington lobbyist. he is really married with a child. his colleagues were shocked. >> everybody makes mistakes and nobody seems to be able to live with what they do. >> it is a very public life and wherever you go anywhere, you are likely to be on tape. >> i hereby give my notice of my resignation. >> the announcement came just hours after the news broke that the posted -- the photo was posted as well as the flirtatious e-mail. the woman broke contact after going him and to learn that he
5:26 pm
was a two-term congressman. -- after goofling him and learning that he was a two-term congressman. he admitted he made a profound mistake and said, "i regret the actions that harmed my family, my staff and my constituents. i deeply and sincerely apologize to them all." >> he was a member of two powerful house committees and was in a hearing for one of them just hours before he resigned. >> house speaker john boehner addressed his resignation this afternoon, saying he made the right decision to step aside. a nurse as members of congress should be held to the highest ethical standards -- boehner says members of congress should be held to the highest ethical standards. center jon kyl will not be running again next year. he made that of men and -- announcement in phoenix today. he said it was a tremendous
5:27 pm
honor to serve the people of arizona. he is the fifth senator to announce that he is not going to run again in 2012. >> i think he is planning a run for the governor of arizona. >> it could happen. >> there is word from egypt that president mubarak has transfer power to his vice president. >> and we are following the big consumer story of the day, iphones. it will have more on the verizon big read rollout. -- on the verizon bay, read rollout.
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>> 11 news at 5:00 p.m. in hd continues now. >> new tonight at 5:30 p.m., there were not any huge crowds waiting for the opening of the verizon store in timonium this morning, but the company says it does expect to sell all lot of iphones this week. >> it is now available online and in the verizon store as well as select wal-mart and best buys. the most popular smart phone is
5:30 pm
now the nation's largest wireless network. >> it was either not -- neither long nor necessary, just like it was at other stores nationwide. >> i came here at 5:40 a.m. and absolutely nobody was here. >> once inside, it was not unusual to see far more clerks and customers. but still, some people were anxious to buy the apple iphone and switch to what they believe was a better network on verizon. >> my phone does not work at all in charlotte. >> up until now, at&t had been the exclusive carrier, but some wanted apple to offer it on another carrier because of at&t's replication for dropped calls. now it is verizon's turn. >> verizon said they were very confident about their capacity to handle a huge number of people coming in and getting iphones. >> verizon lacks, however, in that it does not have the voice
5:31 pm
data functions and offers fewer services than at&t. but has a big leg up with the ability to create a personal wi- fi hotspot. >> that enables our customers to create a wi-fi cloud around them and connect up to five devices to that cloud and take it wherever they want to go. >> in addition, store sales -- in addition to store sales and pre order online sales, they predict about 1.5 million iphones will be sold in the first week alone. >> the annual gathering of the conservative political action conference began today in washington d.c.. rep michelle baachman was the keynote speaker and quickly accused president obama of diminishing the country's way of life through socialism. baachman, a tea party favorite, also called on the conservative crowd to make sure that mr.
5:32 pm
obama remains a one-term president. >> we need to win the triple crown of 2012, which is holding on to the house of representatives, winning a conservative senate, and winning the white house in 2012. the triple crown. >> the potential candidates, newt gingrich and rick santorum, also addressed the crowd. later tonight, donald trump is also said to -- set to address the crowd. the gop unveiled plans to cut non-security spending 492 -- by $92 billion. john boehner expects to have a vote on that spending bill sometime next week. >> egyptian president hosni met robert -- egyptian president hosni mubarak has handed over
5:33 pm
power to the vice-president, but that does not mean he is resigning. protesters watched his speech in stunned silence. they had demanded he give up his presidency. mubarak says he has six constitutional amendments to answer that demands for reform. and back to normal after someone was hit by a train north of the b.w.i. station this morning. officials say it was traveling to new york at the time. no word on the victim's condition or the cause of the accident. >> you may have seen a breezing crashing california involving name -- an elderly man driving the wrong way on the interstate. it is not always clear when someone should no longer be driving. that is what a local hospital has been trying to figure out. jennifer franciotti has details. >> a horrible situation on the california highway when an 83- year-old man is caught on video going the wrong way. the crashes had on, causing a four-car pile up.
5:34 pm
remarkably, no one was hurt. jan is a rehabilitation specialist at sinai hospital. she helps many people get back on the road, but a good deal of her time is spent evaluating elderly drivers. >> many times people call up and say, i am 85 years old and i'm curious if i am ok. >> the vision -- the vision test is the first step, but the majority of questions are answered on the road. she takes them on a course that is set up much like a student driver experience. james logel admits that his reaction time has changed over the year. >> you are probably not as attentive. >> if a driver does not do well, she may say that more training is needed or they need to drive in an area that is more familiar. >> if you drive in your day the area, your house to the bank to
5:35 pm
the course restore, let's see how you do. that may be the next step. >> dena holds that he will be receptive to his children -- dean hopes he will be receptive to his children if they ever wanted to take a driving test. >> he is over there hitting the brakes before i am and i am like, i've got it, i've got it. >> most of the time at this will not be covered by insurance. depending on time, it will when you anywhere from $240 to $300. >> we want to make sure that they're ok. that they're not doing anything that will harm themselves or others. >> still ahead, you will hear from a mother who says officials at her son's school overreacted when they sent him to a psych ward. >> plus, the weather just keep coming. we will take a look at conditions across the north --
5:36 pm
the midwest. plus, a close call for oklahoma. >> you are no different from anyone else, so please do not push your luck. >> actress lindsay lohan get a stern warning from the judge. see what is ne
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>> at least one person is dead, five people are missing after a natural gas explosion in eastern pennsylvania last night. the blast in allentown destroyed two homes and forced hundreds of people to evacuate. a routine check earlier this big found no problems and the area has no problem -- history of gas leaks. oklahoma city has now had its snowiest february on record. a driver tried to get back on the highway gets clipped by a tractor-trailer there. and in north dallas, downtown dallas is covered in a white blanket of snow for the second time in a week following the super bowl. >> we are seeing from a mom who is speaking out after her son
5:40 pm
was taken from a southern california school to a psychiatric hospital. cindi dorman says her 6-year- old son was committed after he drew a violent pictures and wrote that he wanted to die. she said he suffers from separation anxiety because his father is in the army and deployed overseas. she says the school completely overreacted. >> i am saying that i will deal with it. i will make sure that he is seen, you know, today. they said it was out of my hands. that they were in control. they had already called an ambulance. >> the superintendent released a statement that when any student desire to take their own life they're required to take protocols to ensure the students' safety. an actress lindsay lohan got a stern warning before she was set free on bail. she pleaded not guilty to felony
5:41 pm
grand theft in a los angeles courtroom. the judge set bail at $20,000 on a charge and another $20,000 for violating her probation on a drunken-driving charge. this after eight necklace was reported stolen from a jewelry store last month. the judge told lindsay lohan in the simplest of terms, stay out of trouble. >> you are no different from anyone else, so please, do not push your luck. because i'm telling you, -- well, your attorney can tell you what i said, but i'm telling you, things will be different. do you understand what i'm telling you? >> yasser -- yes, sir. >> lohan claims she only bar that necklace. if she is convicted she faces up to three years in prison. >> you think she gets it? >> we will see. >> these bumper cats can
5:42 pm
actually be dangerous and deadly. we'll have details. -- a these bumper pads can be dangerous and deadly. when will have the details. >> and cold temperatures on the way for tonight and a pretty significant warmup in the forecast. a beautiful sunset. 30 degrees at b.w.i. marshall. winds northwest at 8 miles per hour. [ female announcer ] starbucks via is planted the same...
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♪ ...harvested the same... ♪ ...and roasted the same as our other premium coffees. it only makes sense it would taste the same. so, try it for yourself. buy a pack of 100% natural starbucks via ready brew. we promise you'll love it or we'll send you a bag of starbucks coffee. it's the starbucks via taste promise. look for it where you buy groceries. >> here's a look at what we're working on for 11 news at 6:00 p.m. more want -- more than 1000 red light cameras are in question because they have the signature of an officer months after he died in an accident. plus, a high-school senior who is helping its stake in its one that -- it's number one standard in
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>> preventing on a theft in the region has been combined effort by law enforcement in the area and is working. the numbers are down by almost 50%. the next part of the campaign will be seen on television local college students are producing things you will soon see on the air. >> 815 -- accidents in the area are at a 15-year low. hopefully, the new public service announcements on the air will get that number even lower. >> every 20 seconds, and east -- a car is stolen in america, every 15 minutes one is selling in maryland. >> these tsa's are to -- these
5:46 pm
are to deter car theft in the county. >> most happen because people leave their keys in the car. >> car theft in the area is lower than it has been in years. >> in 1994, we have over 38,000 vehicle thefts reported in the state of maryland. today, we have seen a 50% reduction. we are down to about 19,000 annually. >> 3 out of four cases of water that, owners have left their doors unlocked. -- three out of four cases of auto theft, owners have left their doors unlocked. >> the students that did these psa's, not only did they win a scholarship money, but they had the chance to be creative and help the public. >> i wanted to do something helpful and intriguing, get someone's attention. i did not want it to feel like a
5:47 pm
psa. >> i think it is nice to feel rewarded for something you put your hard earned sweat and time into. >> the winning spots will be running on wbal in the upcoming months. rob roblin, wbal tv 11 news. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> and other store moved across the deep south and just brushed the baltimore -- brushed the baltimore area. if you can see the track across the south. it starts in the foothills of the rockies, suites across oklahoma and north texas, dropped a couple of inches of snow in mississippi, alabama and north georgia. then it moved right off the mid- atlantic and brought as a couple of light snow showers. -- brought us a couple of light snow showers.
5:48 pm
out in western maryland, a couple of feet of snow out that way. pretty much the nation is covered in snow. even down into north texas there's still some snow on the ground. parthenons in northwest south carolina. the only state without snow on the ground is florida. with the cold in place, the arctic air has a lot of cold ground to cover and it comes down without modifying much at all. 30 below at international falls this morning. nine below in chicago. zero in parts of kentucky and tennessee. 15 this morning in dallas. 24 was the low at b.w.i. marshall. temperatures have stayed in the 20's and loh 30's in western maryland. as the sky remains clear
5:49 pm
tonight, but all of those scenarios stack up to equal very cold temperatures. about 18 run around the shore of the bay and that would include the downtown baltimore area. outlying suburbs, expect really cold temperatures tonight. the high stretches all the way back across much of the nation. not much in a way of snow going on. it is a fairly dry pattern nationwide. the next couple of clippers coming out of western canada are expected to stay to our north. we stay dry and the storm systems tracking from the lakes to new england will pull up with a south/southwesterly wind. our temperatures will modify quite a bit. especially friday morning and after that, temperatures will get back to normal and above normal. tomorrow, not quite as cold as today. 35 to 40, but sunshine and a light southwest breeze. western maryland you will start
5:50 pm
getting close to freezing, but peak out tomorrow in the mid 20's. maybe some 40 degree temperatures south of the bay bridge. the lower eastern shore will hit the 40-degree mark. sunny skies across most of that area. loh 40's saturday and 50 on sunday with a southerly breeze. a chance for a sprinkle or flurry on monday. by the middle of next week, upper 50's to near 60 on wednesday and thursday. >> in tonight's consumer alert, fluffy crib bumpers pads may make a baby's nursery look adorable, but the consumer products safety commission has launched an investigation into reported deaths and injuries related to them.
5:51 pm
>> carol higgins is passionate about kreag safety, educating anyone who will listen about safe sleeping positions and other ways to reduce seventh -- sudden infant death syndrome. that passion comes from a painful past. her grandson, michael, died when he was just three months old. since then, she has active in sids prevention efforts and she said that upper pads are often -- bumper pads are often suffocation hazards. >> there is no purpose other than to look good. >> babies do not have the motor strength to do -- move their heads away from obstructions. >> if there had its wedge between the bumper and the mattress, there is a chance they could suffocate. >> now they are taking a closer look at the potential risks. >> in the past, the position has been to avoid pillowy bumpers. >> there are 10 cases where
5:52 pm
police and coroner's reports showed babies who were found to have suffocated in a corner against the bacher patter with their face obstructed by a bumper pad. but it is difficult to pin those debts on bumpers because the babies were also on their stomachs, a known risk factor for sids. >> additional factors were also included, such as bedding and pillows. >> the commission relaunched an investigation into those? to see if the market needed stronger warnings -- into those deaths to see if the market needed stronger warnings. they have said that manufacturers need to move from pillowy bumpers to firmer ones. meanwhile, carol says the only thing that should be in the crib is the baby. >> the consumer safety products commission will also review other products in the coming months. love is in the air as we
5:53 pm
approach valentine's day weekend. starke crossed lovers are reportedly ready to spillers. jewelry, flowers, and restaurant sales are all expected to be out. >> consumers are expected to spend $16 billion on this valentine's day. that is roughly $2 billion over last year. once again, consumers are showing a willingness to let go of some of that discretionary income and celebrate valentine's day in style. >> the national retail federation says the average person will spend about $116 this out -- this valentine's day. perks and frequent flyer miles are certainly making a comeback. airline industries are once again touting their branded frequent-flier credit cards and other ways of getting your business. continental is offering miles to
5:54 pm
attract members. the southwest is debuting a new card next month. keep in mind, on average, interest rates will be higher on these cards that on have -- other cards. anti-u.s airways is raising the cost to carry your extra -- and u.s. airways is raising the cost to carry your extra heavy bags. keep in mind that is on top of the $25 just to check a bag and $35 for a second bag. most airline fees are for luggage over 50 pounds. >> still ahead, we continue to follow the late breaking news from egypt where president mubarak has made an announcement. also, more than 1000 red light ticket bear the signature of an officer who was not alive when they were sent out. but first, kate middleton is spotted at a swanky london hotel eating lunch with her future mother-in-law, both knowing that
5:55 pm
they would be seen an
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[ male announcer ] swiffer cleans better than a mop or your money back. >> tonight, world watchers are buzzing after kate middleton, prince william's bright to be, had lunch with her future stepmother, camilla, that touches of cornwall. -- the duchess of cornwall. >> relationships between a mother and daughter law can be, in a word, complicated, but according to witnesses, this meeting was all smiles.
5:58 pm
>> the whole restaurant was abuzz with everyone looking toward the table. >> the two were joined by kate's younger sister, pippa, likely to be the maid of honor. a fellow diner who is that a couple of tables away said, i "i heard canellis say, if i can give you one bit of advice." and also heard kate kasay, which was meant to be amusing, "what happens if william does not show up?z" i doubt that is a legitimate worry. >> the also discussed having fancy sausages. that is the british way of saying they will have small hot dogs. i like small hot dogs as much as anyone else, but i doubt they will be serving those. >> questions about thousands of
5:59 pm
red light citation carries have to do with the name of the police officer who could not have possibly approve them. >> two changes regarding maryland death penalty. >> this is wbal tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> our big story tonight city officials are sorting out a big mess, as they describe it, with 2000 red light camera citations issued in the last two months. >> they have the signature of a police officer killed in an accident last year. jayne miller has more. >> the city spokespersons as it is a computer glitch with the company that operates the budlight camera system, but it is requiring -- the red light camera system, butis


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